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Contact Lenses

Menicon Z and Lagado brand Contact Lenses - Comfortable Wear and Superior Vision Correction

We offer a range of contact lens materials and designs to promote optimal comfort and wettability combined with long-term eye health and superior visual correction.

Unlike traditional soft contact lenses, our contact lenses are custom-fit, based on the exact measurements of your eyes. Nearly anyone who is dissatisfied with their vision with off-the-shelf soft contacts maybe a good candidate for affordable custom contact lenses.

What are Custom Contact Lenses? 

Custom contact lenses are made-to-order lenses formulated from unique polymerized materials that transmit oxygen. These materials include the use of silicone that makes them flexible and oxygen permeable - critical for eye health and long-term comfort. Gas permeable and silicone hydrogel contact lenses transmit more oxygen to the eye than traditional soft contact lenses.

Advantages of custom lenses made from Gas Permeable and Silicone Hydrogel Materials:

  1. They retain their shape when you blink, which tends to provide sharper vision than pliable soft lenses.
  2. They are more durable so they don’t tear easily, like soft lenses.
  3. GP lenses don't contain water (as soft contact lenses do), so protein and lipids from tears do not stick to GP lenses as easily as soft lenses.
  4. Contacts that are more oxygen permeable are frequently the answer for people who don't get the vision they want from soft lenses. This includes:
  • Individuals who want the best vision possible.
  • People with astigmatism who want excellent visual acuity.
  • People with presbyopia, because custom lenses come in numerous bifocal and multifocal designs.
  • People who suffer from keratoconus, which causes extreme visual distortion.
  • People who need contact lenses after refractive surgery.

Menicon's goal is to deliver safe contact lenses worldwide, placing the first priority on the eye health of our customers.

Menicon is dedicated to all areas of the contact lens market including material development; lens designs, lens manufacturing and lens care solutions. For 60 years, Menicon has worked closely with leading contact lens fitting experts to better understand clinical needs and goals. Our knowledge, ongoing commitment to research and quality, provides patients worldwide with highly innovative products.

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