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Frequently Asked Menicon Solutions Questions

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What's new and special about the Menicon Lens Care Solutions?

The Menicon Lens Care System is all about convenience and simplicity. We've taken a well-known and respected product, Unique pH, as the flagship of the Menicon lens care regimen. Unique pH is a proven and safe GP multi-purpose solution.

Our lens care system also includes Menicon PROGENT, now approved for home use.

Periodic treatments with Menicon PROGENT virtually renews the surface of GP lenses by chemically removing all deposits and other debris from lens surfaces. Used ever two weeks, Menicon PROGENT keeps lenses clean and comfortable.

The Menicon Lens Care system is designed for today's GP lenses.

How are the Menicon lens care solutions packaged?

Menicon Lens Care products come in a distinctive looking package design.
Menicon Unique pH® is supplied in a 120ml or 60ml bottle and includes a FREE lens case
Menicon PROGENT is supplied in 7–treatment or 1-treatment packages.

Why has Unique pH now become a Menicon America branded product?

The Unique pH formulation is very well regarded by both contact lens fitters and wearers and fits well in the Menicon GP portfolio. Menicon has worked out an agreement to acquire the Unique pH trademark and license the formulation from Alcon.

Is Menicon Unique pH exactly the same as the product previously sold as Alcon Unique pH?

Yes, it is exactly the same formulation.  You may notice that there is a slight diference in the ingredients list; this is because poloxamine and polyquaternium-1 appear on the Alcon package label under their propriatary trade names; we are refering to them by their chemical names.

How has PROGENT changed?

Previously, PROGENT was approved and packaged for "in office use only". Under our new approval, Menicon PROGENT is now available for patient home-use however, it remains restricted to sale by or on the order of a licensed eye care practitioner. Patients will need to properly informed on how to use the product.

Menicon PROGENT contains single use containers of A & B Solution and also now includes Menicon Rinsing Solution containers and a reusable treatment vial. The package is configured to provide 7 treatments.

Where can I buy the Menicon Lens Care System?

The Menicon Lens Care system is available for sale through your Eye Care Practitioner - either in-office or through the Menicon WebStore that is hosted by your Eye Care Practitioner and managed by Menicon America. To use the Menicon WebStore, you must first visit your Eye Care Practitioner.

Participating Eye Care Providers will instruct you on lens care and handling and provide you with access to the WebStore. Contact us or your Eye Care Practitioner for details.

Where can I buy MeniCare GP Solutions?

MeniCare GP solutions are available for sale through your Eye Care Practitioner or through select online retailers. Online retailers can be found by typing "Menicare GP" into your Search Engine.

Why not just sell Menicon Solutions through Retailers?

Retailing GP lens care products in the conventional manner via drugstores, food or mass merchandisers has become exceedingly difficult and costly.

The barrier to entry for obtaining retail shelf space is high and the result is higher costs that are passed onto consumers.
In addition, Menicon PROGENT, while now available for home use, is restricted to sale by or on the order of a licensed Eye Care Practitioner. Patients need to be adequately instructed on how to use the product.

For these reasons, we created the Menicon WebStore hosted by your Eye Care Professional. A convenient and easy place to shop based upon your Eye Care Professional recommendations and directions.

Menicon solutions purchased by patients through the Menicon Webstore include free ground shipping and are delivered directly to the address you provide.

Additional conveniences include an auto-ship option which you can set-up to ensure you never run out of Menicon solutions.


How do I access to the WebStore?

You can visit the WebStore directly through this link or clicking on the WebStore Online ordering icon.


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