Announcement of Launch of “Miru 1day UpSide” in the Overseas Market (Sold under Product Name “1DAY Menicon PremiO” in Japan)

Menicon Co., Ltd. today announced the official launch of silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lens “Miru 1day UpSide,” a version of “1DAY Menicon PremiO” sold overseas.

“Miru 1day UpSide” is a silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lens marketed in Japan under the name of “1DAY Menicon PremiO.” 1DAY Menicon PremiO is characterized by “SMART TOUCH” technology, in addition to our most advanced material, and has been widely used in Japan since its launch in December 2016.
UpSide means “looking up.” This naming is intended to draw intuitive appeal to one of the characteristics and the best feature of the product, the SMART TOUCH package that “allows users to wear the lenses without touching the inner surface of the lens because the outer surface of the lens is placed upward (it is placed downward in the package of other products) when users open the package.” Our questionnaire survey has revealed that this SMART TOUCH, both the feature and the name, has been favorably accepted. Our goal is to have the product accepted in the global market for its feature that is expressed in the brand name.
Further, the material used for “Miru 1day UpSide” is silicone hydrogel that is highly oxygen-permeable and is as soft as other existing hydrogel materials.

“Miru 1day UpSide” will be launched first in Europe; then, the sales market will be expanded successively. We will strive to increase the share for daily disposable lenses in the European market worth JPY 150 billion*.
*estimated by Euromonitor

Six particular features of “Miru 1day UpSide (1DAY Menicon PremiO)”

(1) Package

Users do not need to check the sides of lenses. The package allows users to pick up the lenses without touching the inner surface of the lens (SMART TOUCH), which enables easy wearing.

(2) Oxygen permeability

“Miru 1day UpSide” has oxygen permeability that ensures the safety of the pupil when the product is used as a daily disposable lens.
    Oxygen permeability: 91×10?9(cm/sec)・(mLO2/(mL×mmHg)) (in case of -3.00 D)

(3) Softness

Oxygen-permeable silicone hydrogel lenses are generally hard and not comfortable to wear. However, “Miru 1day UpSide” is sufficiently oxygen permeable and also has achieved softness comparable to that of existing lenses. This well-balanced material offers users comfort when wearing the lens.

(4) Surface

Featuring new plasma technology, “Miru 1day UpSide” prevents adhesion of dirt on the surface, which prevents reduction in the performance of the lenses and also ensures lower friction on the surface of the lenses. This lower friction contributes to a natural feeling when users wear the lenses.

(5) Design of the Lens

Generally, contact lenses for excessive myopia tend to be thicker, particularly in the peripheral part, which often compromises the feeling of comfortable wearing. However, our product is designed to be evenly thin, even in the peripheral part, regardless of the optical power of the lens. As such, comfort during the use is maintained.

(6) UV protection

“Miru 1day UpSide” is made of materials that cut UV light and protects the pupil from UV light.
UVA protection rate: 84%
UVB protection rate: 96% (-3.00 D)

By bringing this daily disposable contact lens that has realized these highly particular features to broader overseas markets, we hope to offer contact lenses that contribute to a better lifestyle for more users.

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