Announcing the Launch in the US of “Miru 1month Menicon”, Monthly Replacement Silicone Hydrogel Lenses

 We are pleased to announce the full-scale launch of the improved version of “Miru 1month Menicon”, our monthly replacement silicone hydrogel lens series, into the US market. Until now, “Miru 1month Menicon” has been marketed mainly in Europe, where it has been well received.

Since entering the European market with this product in 2007, we have steadily increased the number of export destinations and the lens is now used in more than 30 countries. We have also increased the number of product variants, starting with products for myopia/hyperopia and then adding those for astigmatism followed by bifocals. We obtained FDA approval in February 2018 for this lens series and are planning full-scale launch of the products in the US this fall or later.

The redesigned products for the US market, namely “Miru 1month Menicon” for myopia/hyperopia, “Miru 1month Menicon Toric” for astigmatism (the product is called “Miru 1month Menicon Astigmatism” in Europe) and bifocal “Miru 1month Menicon Multifocal” are made from materials similar to those used in the manufacture of “2week Menicon PremiO”, which has the second largest share of the Japanese market. Focusing on the eye health of users, we supply monthly replacement lens products which are highly safe and comfortable to wear.

* The photograph above shows the product packages for the US market. Regarding the “Miru 1month Menicon” series, marketed mainly in Europe, there will be no changes to the packaging.

Features of “Miru 1month Menicon” Series:

(1) High Oxygen Permeability

In this series, high oxygen permeability (oxygen transmission coefficient: Dk/t=161*) has been achieved to safeguard the eye pupil while the lenses are being worn.
*Dk/t (a unit measured as): × 10-9 (cm/sec)・(mLO2/(mL ×mmHg) (in case of Pwr-3.00D)

Particularly for products designed to correct astigmatism and for bifocals, where lens thickness tends to increase, we are dedicated to ensuring wearer comfort and safety by adopting the most advanced and safety-oriented lens 

(2) Excellent Surface Properties

In the “Miru 1month Menicon” series, we adopted the same surface treatment technology used in the manufacture of the “Miru 1month Menicon” series already marketed outside the US, having achieved high wettability and excellent antifouling properties against bacteria or protein/oil-based dirt, while maintaining satisfactory oxygen permeability.

With the launch in the US of “Miru 1month Menicon”, “Miru 1month Menicon Toric” and “Miru 1month Menicon Multifocal”, which feature a well-balanced lens design and materials that have already demonstrated their merits in the marketplace, we are convinced that we can provide products that are comfortable to wear, safe and hygienic to support eye health in the US market as well as in other markets. We are also aiming at increasing our share of the replacement lens (periodic exchange lenses) market in the US, which is reported to be worth 350 billion yen.**
**Source: research by Euromonitor International

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