Menicon Celebrates Milestone 70th Anniversary

Nagoya, Japan - [May, 2021] - Menicon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 21-19, Aoi 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya City; President & CEO: Hidenari Tanaka) is proud to be celebrating its 70th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of innovative contact lenses and related products. Menicon greatly appreciates its customers, business partners, and stakeholders around the world who have helped make the 70th anniversary possible. 

Menicon’s 70-year history of challenge, safety and innovation

Since Kyoichi Tanaka’s creation of Japan’s first practical corneal contact lens from scratch in 1951, to becoming a global enterprise represented in over 80 countries, Menicon has been dedicated to eye safety, and strived to create comfortable and convenient products to provide people around the world the joy of sight.

As a comprehensive vision care enterprise, Menicon is the first manufacturer to offer a full range of products and services including everything from rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses, disposable contact lenses, and lens care solutions, to a myopia control management system in order to satisfy the needs of all customers worldwide. Over the course of its long history, Menicon has resolutely grappled with and overcome numerous and diverse challenges.

“We are so proud to be celebrating this milestone 70th anniversary. Menicon manufactures specially controlled medical devices, so our top priority has always been the safety of our customers' eyes,” said Dr. Hidenari Tanaka, President & CEO of Menicon. “Challenge, safety, end-user first philosophy and high-quality products remain the cornerstone of Menicon’s continued growth and success. These principles are why we are able to celebrate such a significant anniversary.” 

Menicon is committed to providing the highest quality products and spares no effort to create the next generation of contact lenses, lens care products and related services with leading-edge technology, including the unique and revolutionary package concept Smart Touch™, a design which makes it possible to apply contact lenses without touching the inner surface.

New vision of Miru for the world and a better society

In 2021, Menicon renewed its vision of Miru. “Miru” means to see, but it is also about having fun and enjoyment through the five senses as well as being empathetic. With this new vision of Miru, Menicon will make everyday life richer and filled with laughter through all the senses, not only the sense of sight.

Menicon is devoted to sustainable development for a better society by delivering safe and secure vision products, as well as developing environmentally friendly products and implementing sustainable measures in its factories. Faced with the increasing prevalence of myopia, the Menicon Bloom™ Myopia Control Management System has been developed to provide eye care professionals worldwide with a comprehensive response. In addition, Menicon launched Japan's first intraocular lens for animals and continues to develop products to advance animal medical care. 

Menicon looks forward to continuing to refine its products and services. In the coming decades, Menicon will continue to contribute to society and take on new challenges to achieve its mission of providing the joy of sight and better vision for the world.

With your support, Menicon has led the industry for 70 years, taking pride in its steadfast principles and shining history. The company’s achievements will be celebrated through special promotions from April 2021 to March 2022. Further information and a special video of Menicon’s 70-year history can be found at Menicon’s official website: www.menicon.com

About Menicon Co. Ltd. 

Menicon Co., Ltd., founded by Mr. Kyoichi Tanaka in 1951, is Japan’s first and largest contact lens manufacturer, and is represented in over 80 countries. Menicon is a manufacturer dedicated to all areas of soft and gas-permeable contact lens-related businesses including manufacturing, sales, export and import of contact lenses and other medical goods; manufacturing and sales of medical instruments; sales of medical supplies; and research and development of intraocular lenses.

For more information, please visit: www.menicon.com


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