Miru 1day UpSide



Miru 1day UpSide

Miru 1day UpSide, the 1st and only Silicone Hydrogel daily disposable with Smart Touch™ technology, an exciting new addition to the Miru family of lenses.


Why Miru 1day UpSide with Smart Touch™?

  • Healthy clean lenses.
  • Hassle free handling.

A unique new product

Miru 1day UpSide with Smart Touch™ technology. A daily disposable with an unmatched combination of breathabilty, water content and softness.

1 Menicon data on file 2017 online patient experience survey, n=300 current daily disposable wearers.

Unique packaging for hygienic lens handling

You only touch the outer surface of the lens

The benefits of Smart Touch™ vs Conventional packaging

Smart Touch™

The unique smart zone in the case ensures the inner lens surface faces downwards so the lens can be removed and inserted without touching the inner surface.

Conventional packaging

In conventional packaging the inner lens surface faces upwards and cannot be removed without touching the inner surface with greater potential for contamination.

4 simple steps to Smart Touch™ handling


SmartTouch Handling

Smart Touch™

Hassle free handling - Lenses are always the right way up and ready to wear.

And it’s quicker too! - More speed, less stress! No wasted time in the morning checking if the lens is the right way up.2
Hygienic handling - Designed to reduce contamination such as fibrers, foreign bodies or harmful contaminants introduced when handling lenses. 

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