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TMC and Menicon Launch New Liquid Livestock Manure Composting Product


news_20161005_2 Toyota City, Japan, October 5, 2016-Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and contact lens manufacturer Menicon Co., Ltd. (Menicon) have jointly developed a new liquid livestock manure composting product that will join the resQ45 series of TMC-Menicon jointly developed manure composting systems, which debuted in 2006. The product, called the New-Tokubetsu-Kyuko Liquid (new special express liquid enzyme), will be sold by a TMC subsidiary, Toyota Roof Garden Co., Ltd., starting today. It will be distributed through Toyota Tsusho Corporation’s (Toyota Tsucho) livestock feed sales channels.

In Japan, where around 80 million*1 tons of livestock manure are generated annually, concerns about the adverse impact of manure on the environment, including its offensive odor, water pollution, and greenhouse-gas generation, have created widespread awareness for the need to find ways to properly process, and to effectively utilize manure. In January 2013, Toyota and Menicon launched a jointly developed powder livestock manure composting product called the New-Tokubetsu-Kyuko,*2 which had significantly shortened the composting period from around one month to around two weeks, while substantially reducing the generation of malodorous ammonia gas by between 50 and 90% (in the case of poultry waste). However, since the dispersion of powder composting agents is both a time- and labor-intensive process for large farms with major composting requirements, TMC and Menicon recognized the need to develop a liquid product that can be dispersed more easily by existing liquid dispensers.

Using these liquid dispensers, the newly developed New-Tokubetsu-Kyuko Liquid can be dispersed in a manner that is more reliable and uniform as compared to powder. This helps to improve dispersion efficiency, and helps to facilitate the creation of better quality compost. As a result, TMC and Menicon believe that this new product will help to reduce onerous work on livestock farms, while also providing positive environmental benefits at the same time. Furthermore, since a 100grams bottle of the new liquid product is able to substitute for an 8kg bag of powder, this development also helps to significantly reduce the space needed for storage.

June this year marked the tenth anniversary of the launch of the resQ45 series of manure composting systems, which were developed to help improve the livestock manure composting process. In addition to New-Tokubetsu-Kyuko Liquid, other main products in this series include the Buta resQ for pig manure and the Moo resQ for cows. Total sales of the resQ45 product lineup reached 200,000 bags in April, and annual sales are forecasted to hit 50,000 bags this year.

TMC, Menicon, and Toyota Tsusho intend to continue pursuing a wide range of technology-based environmentally friendly initiatives. The three companies are aiming to strengthen collaboration toward the goal of realizing a recycling-oriented society, while working to develop new environmental businesses and helping to improve farmlands.

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*1 Quoted from the 2016 statistics from the Statistic Bureau of Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
*2 A manure composting product combining an enzymatic agent that promotes the decomposition of dietary fibers in manure and thermophilic bacteria.

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