Other Orthokeratology Lenses

Rinehart Reeves

A safe, and completely reversible, non-surgical application of an RGP contact lens worn overnight for the purpose of controlling the progression of, or temporarily reducing or eliminating, myopia and astigmatism. The Rinehart Reeves design is best suited for progressive young myopes, typically in their teenage years. The design is fitted utilizing a 24-lens diagnostic trial set and then supplying specific parameters of the trial lens, the flat K reading, and the spectacle Rx that requires correction.

Paragon CRT

Paragon CRT can correct up to -6.00D myopia, with or without -1.75D astigmatism. There is no age restriction when prescribing Paragon CRT. As presently understood, fluid forces arising from tear interaction with the lens periphery exert a "pulling" force on the lens. This force is applied at the point of apical touch and gently reshapes the 50μ epithelial layer to conform to the shape of the lens Base Curve. Reshaping the epithelium is accomplished by a combination of compression and redistribution of epithelial cells. The effect is completely reversible.

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