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Vision plays an important role in sports. You can run fast, jump high, lift heavy, but if you cannot see clearly, you may not fully enjoy sports. So, how can you have a clear vision during sports, when you have myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia or presbyopia? An easy solution is to wear contact lenses. They give you a clear vision on a full visual field without visual deformation or fogging, no matter how you move. A special kind of contact lenses, known as orthokeratology lenses, even allows you to see clearly during the day with your naked eyes.

Vision and sports: More related than you think

Doctors estimate that up to 80 percent of perceptual input in sports comes from the eyes. [1]  Clear, high-quality vision improves sport performance and assures safety, for both casual and professional practices. When you are running or biking in the city, you need to see the road and the surrounding environment. When you are hiking in the mountains, you need to pay attention to pits and unstable stones. For professional athletes, visual quality is much more demanding because they rely on numerous visual skills to improve their performance. Here are some of the essential visual skills:
1.      Dynamic visual acuity
If you play football, tennis, baseball, or any other sports that need you to accurately track fast moving objects, you need great dynamic visual acuity.

2.      Depth perception
The judgement of distances is needed in almost all sports. Football, archery, golf, basketball, and hockey are among the most common. 

3.      Peripheral vision
It helps you to be aware of what is happening around you and not only in front of you. Take football players for example, it is important because they need to avoid tackles and know where their teammates are. For sports such as mountain trail biking and road cycling, peripheral vision is crucial to performance as it is to safety.

4.      Eye-hand-body coordination
It allows you to execute your visual input-based decision in split second. An archer about to shoot an arrow, a football player about to dodge a tackle, a tennis player about to swing the racket facing the coming ball…these actions take place in the twinkling of an eye, only the best eye-hand-body coordination can give the optimal result.
Athletes must undergo continuous hard training that allows them to perfect the essential visual skills. However, the base of these skills is always a free, clear, and high-quality vision.
Menicon offers a full range of contact lens solutions to maximise visual performance during sports. They are safe, simple and can easily fit your lifestyle according to your need and your sport type. Furthermore, contact lenses avoid the potential danger and inconvenience of wearing eyeglasses during sports, and allow you to wear protection equipment such as helmet, goggles, and masks freely.

Menicon contact lens solutions for sports

1.      Orthokeratology: Menicon Z Night lenses, to see clearly and move freely during the day without lenses
Menicon Z Night lenses reshape your cornea when you sleep and allow you to see clearly during the day without lenses. The technique is called orthokeratology. Menicon Z Night lenses are suitable for a lot of different visual needs. However, their advantage of allowing a clear vision without lenses makes them highly recommended for aquatic sports, because of the risk of eye infection related to wearing contact lenses in aquatic environment. They are also recommended for sports taking places in dusty environment such as horse riding and rock climbing, out of hygienic and comfort concerns: dust and particles entering the eyes are likely to irritate more with the presence of contact lenses. And finally, people practicing combat sports can also wear Menicon Z Night lenses to avoid losing or breaking their contacts or eyeglasses.
2.      Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses made with Menicon Z material: let your eyes breath at high altitude
Menicon Z material has an ultra-permeability to oxygen. This feature makes RGP lenses made of Menicon Z material very suitable for sports at high altitude, where oxygen concentration is low in the air. 
3.      1 Day disposable contact lenses: flexible wear, whenever you need, wherever you need
1 Day disposable contact lenses are the best solution to correct ametropia for athletes and sport lovers. You can wear them either during the day, or just during sports. You throw them away after wearing, you do not need lens cleaning and storage.
Especially, the Miru 1day Flat Pack contact lenses are suitable for sports: they are very comfortable and hydrated. Thanks to Smart Touch™ technology, they are easy to handle and less exposed to potential contamination; the lens is always the right side up, ready to be pinched and put onto the eye; you do not touch the inner surface of the lens. Do not forget that the 1 mm ultra slim packing is also easy to carry and eco-friendly: it is recyclable, consumes less raw material and generates less waste. The used mold from Flat Pack manufacturing are made into the practical and space-saving organising box, which is also recyclable! Flat Pack is available as a family for spherical, astigmatic and presbyopic patients.
The Miru 1day UpSide contact lenses , currently available for spherical and presbyopic patients, also benefit from the Smart Touch™ technology; moreover, made from a new generation Silicone Hydrogel material with ultra low modulus, they have all the health benefits of a Silicone Hydrogel as well as the comfort of a Hydrogel.
4.      Frequent replacement soft contact lenses: a classic choice for regular practice
These are contact lenses to be replaced every 2 weeks or every month, starting from the day they are first worn. They need lens care and storage after every use. They are more suitable for those who practice sports regularly. The Miru 1month monthly contact lenses and PremiO 2-weeks contact lenses are classic choices for regular wearers. They are carefully designed on every aspect: great visual quality, human eye anatomy friendly, high oxygen transmissibility, and ultra-comfort. The Miru 1month contact lenses are available as a full family for all eyewear needs. The PremiO also allow extended wear up to 7 days, during which you do not need to remove them for lens care, and therefore are recommended for sports and competitions that last for several days. [2]


1.      Arie B, Sports Vision: How enhancing your vision can give you that extra edge in competition. Peak Performance. 2—2; 188:6-8
2.      FDA approval for Extended wear. Extended wear and lens care are to be discussed with your eyecare specialist.

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