Menicon launches MeniCare© Soft and MeniTears©

By adding two new products, Menicon has now completed its range of soft and RGP contact care products.

Menicon launched two new contact lens care products, MeniCare© Soft and MeniTears© in June 2005 during the British Contact Lens Association 29th Clinical Conference and Exhibition in Brighton, United Kingdom. Initially, these two products are marketed in Europe and Asia and will be soon sold in the rest of the global markets.

MeniCare© Soft with Comfortec™ is a polyhexanide-based multipurpose disinfecting solution combined with four ideally balanced complementary agents. It is compatible with all soft contact lenses and provides a high spectrum of antimicrobial activity, low toxicity, and excellent comfort.

MeniTears© is a preservative-free lubricant eye drop, packed in single doses, which provides instant relief, continuous hydration and end-of-day comfort to contact lens wearers. The mechanism of action of MeniTears relies on its wetting agent, carboxymethylcellulose, and its patented hypotonic electrolyte formula. MeniTears eye drops are recommended for all soft, rigid gas permeable and silicone hydrogel contact lenses. MeniTears is manufactured by Advanced Vision Research, an internationally recognized ophthalmic drug manufacturer, which was made possible as a result of the strategic alliance between the two companies.

"The launch of these products is an important addition to our existing line of Menicon products to enable us to reach a wider variety of consumers", said Dr Hidenari Tanaka- President of Menicon Co., Ltd.

Menicon now has a complete range of contact lens care products (i.e. MeniCare Soft, MeniTears, MeniCare Plus and Progent) for all soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

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