Menicon launches Menicon PremiO, the company’s new advanced silicone hydrogel contact lens

Menicon Co., Ltd. announces the launch of Menicon PremiO, the company's new advanced silicone hydrogel contact lens. Since the world's first silicone hydrogel contact lens material patent was granted to Menicon in 1979, the company's R&D has carried out extensive work to develop possibly the world's best silicone hydrogel contact lens: Menicon PremiO with MeniSilk™ & Nanogloss™ technology.

The lens features a well balanced combination of oxygen permeability (129 x 10-9 mLO2sec-1 mL-1mmHg -1) and water content (40%). The MeniSilk™ &Nanogloss™ technology ensures highly controlled smooth surface reproducibility together with excellent wettability and remarkable moisture.

Menicon obtained CE mark on the new Menicon PremiO lens for daily wear and up to seven days extended wear on a 2 weeks replacement schedule.

The world's official launch of Menicon PremiO will take place on 1 June 2007 in Manchester, UK, coinciding with the British Contact Lens Association Conference.

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