Menicon launches Menifocal™ Z, a concentric bifocal GP lens, in the U.S

Menicon America, Inc. announced the launch of its Menifocal™ Z in the U.S. though Lens Dynamics, Inc., effective as of 7 December 2006. This patented GP concentric bifocal lens design features distance-center/peripheral-near front surface optics for excellent vision at all distances.


The unique front surface distance-near transition zone has been carefully designed to eliminate ghost images. The spherical base curve makes the lens easy to fit and comfortable, and allows the correction of small to moderate astigmatisms without inducing corneal moulding. Research studies have shown that Menifocal™ Z, manufactured in hyper-Dk Menicon Z material, can be safely worn for daily wear or up to 30 days of continuous wear

The Menifocal™ Z is available through Lens Dynamics Inc. or its distributors in the U.S. For inquiries, please contact Lens Dynamics, Inc. at 1-(800)228-2691 or Kaz Murakami, President, Menicon America Inc. atkazmurakami@menicon.com.

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