New MeniCare™ lens care system for GP lenses in the US

Menicon America, Inc. has recently launched the new MeniCare™GP lens care system for GP lenses in the U.S., replacing CLARIS® products. The MeniCare™GP lens care system is especially recommended for hyper Dk GP lenses or plasma-treated GP lenses such as Menicon Z TM material lenses.

The MeniCare™ GP lens care system consists of two solutions: the MeniCare™ GP Cleaning, Disinfecting and Storage (CDS) solution, available in a 4 oz. container, and the MeniCare™GP Wetting and Rewetting Drop (WRW), available in a 1 oz. container.

The CDS solution must be fully rinsed from the lenses before using the wetting drop. Both MeniCare™ GP solutions are preserved with benzyl alcohol which ensures effective lens cleaning and wettability for safe and comfortable GP lens wear. MeniCare™ GP solutions do not contain potentially cytotoxic preservative components such as polyquad, thimerosal, chlorhexidine, BAK, or polyaminopropyl biguanide to prevent toxic or sensitivity reactions.

MeniCare™GP lens care solutions are now available to GP patients through eye care professionals or Menicon Authorized Labs' Direct Patient Order program. Free Starter Kits of MeniCare™GP are also available to eye care professionals through Menicon Laboratories. The MeniCare™GP Starter Kit includes MeniCare™ GP CDS 1 oz., MeniCare™ GP WRW 0.33 oz., and a sample of the popular Menicon cylinder-shaped lens case for GP lenses.

For more information regarding MeniCare™GP, eye care professionals may ask their Menicon labs or contact Menicon at 1-800-MENICON (636-4266).

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