Menicon Z-α

Menicon Z-α: high oxygen permeable GP Lens Material and wide optical design


World-class lens material: Menicon Z

Menicon Z ® is a hyper-oxygen permeable gas permeable lens that offers comfort, wettability, long term eye health and clear crisp vision. The material also contains a UV absorber to absorb harmful ultraviolet tight.

α design provides comfort and excellent vision.

Menicon Z-α provides good centering and tear exchange with the superior vision that comes from a wide optical zone.


Menicon Z-α Design

Unique design factors

1. Easy to fit

Menicon Z-α has a central spherical zone and an aspheric periphery that fits your cornea naturally for enhanced comfort.

2. Excellent Centration

Menicon Z-α is designed with for stability of fit and to allow the upper eyelid to move easily pull the lens back up by thinning the central part of the contact lenses and thickening the periphery. This helps to reduce the incidence of 3 and 9 o'clock corneal staining.

3. More comfortable

An optic zone diameter of 7.6mm* makes it possible to deal with lens movement and pupil changes. (* on an 8.8mm diameter lens)

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