Menifocal Z

Menifocal Z

The Menifocal Z was launched as a culmination of years of research to meet the needs of bifocal lens users all over the world.

Menifocal Z is manufactured from a hyper DK GP material and is a concentric alternating bifocal design. The back surface is Sphero-aspheric and the front surface near zone increases with addition and the lens is recommended for daily wear or up to 30 days continuous wear.

Menifocal Z helps prevent ghosting and blurred vision with the unique design of the transition between the distance and near optic zones. Menifocal Z also incorporates a UV filter.


High oxygen permeability allows the eyes to breathe.

Menifocal Z has an industry leading oxygen permeability Dk 163** , making it easier for your eyes to breathe.

*Method for determination: ISO 9913.1:1996 **x10-11(cm2/sec)・(mLO2/(mL x mmHg))

GP lenses that allow prolonged use.

It's possible to use the lenses for up to 30 days under an eye care professional’s instruction.

* Continuous Wear may not be suitable for users who have an unusual quantity of tears or allergic dispositions.

You can see near and far naturally.

Better visibility can be achieved with the smooth transition between distance and nearness zones.

Menifocal Z provides stable vision in every situation.

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