The world's first flat pack contact lens is designed with the wearer in mind, for easier handling and cleaner more comfortable wear.




The ultimate in contact lens convenience.

At barely 1mm thick each foil blister pack is designed to minimize lens handling so contact lenses can be worn with confidence and comfort.


Convenient lens storage case

The thoughtfully designed ultra-slim, lightweight packaging is easy to store taking up little space, great when travelling or for sport.

Smart Touch ™ technology for hygienic handling

The unique packaging allows the inner surface of the lens to remain uncontaminated up to the point of insertion. 

The wearer only touches the outer surface of the lens.


Reduced risk of microbial contamination

Active Compliance™

  • Packaging designed specifically for single use.
  • Lack of the conventional bowl shaped blister prevents reuse of the blister as a storage case.
  • Volume of lens solution, just 0.2ml, optimised for storage and discourages reuse.


Designed to meet the challenges of our busy lives such as air conditioning, digital device use, travel and sport.

Naturally wettable

This biomimetic material bonds naturally with tears using a similar binding mechanism to that of tear film mucous, locking in moisture, and allowing rapid lens rehydration with every blink.


Miru 1day lenses help to maintain tear integrity for longer throughout the day.

1. Clinical evaluation of the Menicon 1day Flat Pack Lens: Izumi Namiki; Journal of Japan Contact Lens Society, 56 (1): 34-39,2014


The low edge profile creates minimal conjunctival and lid disruption allowing the lid to move comfortably over the lens.


Aspherical design for clear vision

The CENTRAFORM™ process makes it possible to manufacture aspherical lenses of extremely high quality.

With spherical lenses, spherical aberration can cause blurriness because the focal point of light rays passing through the lens varies according to the ray’s distance from the lens center.

With the Miru 1day Flat Pack aspherical lens design, spherical aberration is minimized1; light rays come together at the correct focal point to help promote a sharp, clear view especially in low light.


1. Menicon data on file.


The contact lens with environmental focus.

Miru 1day Flat Pack is 8x thinner than conventional blister packs.

  Standard blister pack Miru 1day Flat Pack
Thickness 8mm 1mm
Volume 0.5 - 0.8ml 0.2ml

Miru 1day Flat Pack uses less

  • Less Waste - 1 year supply of contact lenses (720 Packs) is only 20% waste compared to conventional packaging.
  • Less Raw Material - Primary packaging made from significantly less material.
  • Environmental focus - Storage case is made from recycled mold plastic.

Lens specifications


Monomer hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA), Glycerol monomethacrylate (GMA)

hioxifilcon A


Physical properties

Item Property Unit Measurement standard
Water content 57 % ISO18369-4
Refractive index 1.409 - ISO18369-4
Luminous transmittance 99 % ISO18369-3


Parameters range

Base curve 8.6mm, 8.4mm
Diameter 14.2mm
Center Thickness 0.10mm (-3.00D)
Power range +0.50D to +4.00D(-0.25D steps)
-0.50D to -6.00D (-0.25D steps)
-6.50D to -10.00D (-0.50D steps)


MIRU 1day Menicon Flat Pack

Design Aspherical design
Handling tint Light blue
Manufacturing CENTRAFORM process
Wearing modality Daily wear
Replacement schedule One day disposable

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